Game Of Tones aka #Gameoftones

Where do hashtags originate? We at The Not So Cool believe some brave fool believes in themselves enough to create a hashtag in hopes it goes somewhere. Some others think Instagram decides which hashtags make it to primetime and others just think its pure dumb luck. Well, Fred has been playing around with a pretty popular hashtag, #gameoftones, which branched him into his personal project Men of Tones. Men of tones is a project in which he started to showcase very fashion forward African America Men based in Houston. Well we will keep this short, cause you are here for the RAW files from the #MenofTones / #GameofTones . We have a couple of rules.

1. Must edit image

2. Share your edited image(s) on Instagram and tag #menoftones and tag @Thenotsocoolpodcast

3. If you try to sell image or pass them along as your own, Fred will find you an introduce you the Southwest, Houston version of him.